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ING Direct Orange Savings Promotion Codes – Get a free $25 and a sweet savings account.

My favorite financial blogger, Ramit Sethi, has an unbeatable system of managing and automating his finances. Ramit sets up accounts within his bank account for his house down payment, future car repairs, and even for his future wedding (he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet) and direct-deposits portions of his paycheck directly into these accounts. More on this topic can be found in his post: How I’m saving $25,000 in 2009.









Thanks for the photo, Ramit.

He uses an ING Direct Orange Savings account, which allows you to do this—make subaccounts to save for specific goals, get a very high APY (1.3% currently), and not incur any fees ever. Compare this to your Wachovia/Bank of America/Whatever College Savings account…the account management sucks, the APY is next to nothing and one overdraft fee can be $35 (effectively cancelling out any amount of interest you may earn).

If you want to start up an account and get a free $25 for being referred, all you need to do is transfer $250 out of your current bank account into an ING one. It takes around 5 minutes.

Get the free $25 with these links:



I will find more links as they get used up and put them up on this site.


Passive Income

What I just did in the above paragraph is an example of a very simple way that a blog can earn you passive income. I receive $10 for a blog subscriber that opens an account with one of the above links. There are little opportunities like these all over the internet if you look hard enough. I encourage you to post referral links of your own and start making some easy cash.


Got another good way to earn some passive income on the side? Leave a comment.

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  1. Jenn
    November 23, 2009 at 8:47 am

    We have an Orange account – I love it. Your idea about using your blog earn referral fees is great! If I see any other opportunities like this I’ll let you know! They are definitely out there, but I would have to be personally using the product/service. I think Snapfish does one…if someone (or a certain number of people) opens and account and purchases photos or gifts I think you get something. Congrats on the new job and see you later this week!

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