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The Baltimore Ravens have a problem: The Pass Rush.

Ravens D-Line

While everyone is quick to jump on the corners and our kicker, no one ever seems to talk about the Ravens pass rush.  The pass rush is the reason Carson Palmer has 10 seconds to throw.  I could get open on any corner in the league if I was receiving a pass from a great quarterback with TONS OF TIME TO THROW.  

Even though our D-line should be one of the best in the league in terms of how much we are paying them/how they used to play, it is playing extremely slow and uninspired.  

We all know the potential our defensive line has because of its success in previous seasons.  Will John Harbaugh be able to bring it out of them or is the core of our defense getting  too old?  Trevor Pryce is 34 while Kelly Gregg is 33 and Justin Bannan is 31.  Where has Terrell Suggs been since he was paid?  Ray Lewis is 34 but he has still been playing out of his mind.

I don’t know enough to say that it could be our lack of blitz schemes from other positions that is making the line tired (do we miss Rex Ryan?  Still, no one wants to say it!), but there is no doubt that the nonexistent PASS RUSH is the primary reason the Ravens are getting killed by good quarterbacks this season.

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