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CPA Prep

I am going on my 6th week of preparation for the Financial section of the CPA Exam and  I think my brain is starting to overwrite information that I learned the first couple weeks.   

I take the 4 1/2 hour Financial exam on Thursday.  This post by Putra has definitely eased some of my fears about the grading process.  I’m pretty pumped that a 75 (passing score) isn’t a 75%….he says the examiners use a grading process called “equating” and that it’s possible that a 50% will get you a passing grade. 

Also computer-based exams are awesome–  if you mess up a calculation on a simulation (a 40-minute long situational problem), the computer won’t carry on your mistake to future calculations that are derived from the incorrect one…this gives me hope.        

I am most likely jynxing myself by saying this, but I am starting to think that the rhetoric people use when speaking about this exam is very similar to the negative tone that people use when telling you about a tough class.  I learned in college that no matter what class you take, as long as it is reasonably challenging, fifty people will tell you how hard it is and that you are going to get dominated. 

I’m putting my money on the fact that this test is like everything else in life.  People are going to try to tell you that “so many people fail the first time” and the like.  But as I learned in college, there may be nothing that is ever as hard as people will make it out to be.

I’m throwing around the idea of studying for only one or two weeks for the next section I take, Regulation.  Cramming got me through college anyway, why not the CPA?  I figure it’s only a $200 exam fee risk at this point.  I can easily make this money back by betting on the Ravens. Anybody want to tell me if this is a good or bad idea? (not about sports betting the Ravens, because I already know it’s a great idea)

If anyone has done this in the past, I would really appreciate a tip or two.

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