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Ravens show they may not be a championship-caliber team.

Ravens lose to the Cincinatti Bengals 17-14.

The Ravens played like garbage today.  Cincinatti could have put this game away in five or six different situations.  We were given gifts in the form of dropped passes and Cincy penalties all game and we couldn’t capitalize (as well as a DEFINITE Mark Clayton fumble run back for a touchdown that was called back).

Domonique Foxworth might be the most overpaid cornerback in the NFL.  Ochocinco tore him apart (46 yards in the first two minutes).  Our offense looked like one run by Kyle Boller, consisting of fifteen or twenty 1-5 yard passes.  Gaither was greatly missed today, as Flacco was consistently pressured. 

No one wants to say it, and everyone is coming up with great excuses, but the Ravens defense isn’t the same as it has been in years past.  It kills me to say this, but maybe we really do miss Rex Ryan.  Ed Reed finally had a Reed-like game, but the corners are a step behind and the pass rush is strangely slow. 

Domonique Foxworth gets burned by Chad Ochocinco.








Ray Rice’s performance was the one bright spot of the day.  He has shown that he can be the guy that can single-handedly win a game for us when the chips are down. 

I said it at the beginning of the season, and I stand by it now.  Ray Rice and Willis McGahee are fantastic backs.  However, they do not wear a defense down like big boy McLain did last year.  The Lorenzo Neal FB – Le’Ron McLain HB tandem was a devastating combination and I guess we will have to simply make do with what we have now.  Rice has big-play ability, but he cannot punish defenses to the point that they can barely stand at the end of the game like McLain could.   

I know this could be looked at as simply a bad loss, but in my opinion, many of the Ravens’ weaknesses were exposed today.  Hats off to the Bengals coaching staff for a very well-coached game.  Our offense will bounce back and will get us to the playoffs this year.  But we need the defense to return to form if we want to compete for a Super Bowl.

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